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Green Living Malaysia | PKS Biomass » Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

Malaysia is the Worlds second largest producer of palm oil after Indonesia. Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) is a well-known sustainable and environment friendly source of biomass fuel for Energy production.

The global energy system is facing many challenges. High electricity prices and the high ‘carbon intensity’ of U.K. electricity provide powerful economic and environmental arguments for using biomass to generate electricity.

We have to continue to supply secure and affordable energy in the face of growing demand. At the same time society expects cleaner energy and less pollution, with an ever increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability.

In today’s Renewable Energy market, experience, integrity and reliability are more important than ever. Due to the ever increasing demand for a truly renewable Biomass product Green Living U.K have recently incorporated and established Green Living Malaysia to provide both our existing U.K. client base and future potential clients with easy access to a truly sustainable Biomass Energy source, Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) from sustainable plantation sources in Malaysia.

We believe this is particularly important as we have built up personal and trustworthy relationships between our Malaysian partners and our client’s throughout the World. There is no substitute for in-depth and in-country experience with an extensive local knowledge and network.

At Green Living Malaysia we have our International personnel based year-round on location who are well versed in conducting business, culture and language.

The Palm Oil Plant (Elais Guinensis), consisting of three different varieties Durà, Pesipherà and Tenerà, produces an edible fruit similar to an apricot which has a nut inside. During the crude palm oil process the fruit’s flesh is melted through a steaming treatment. The residual nuts are further mechanically crashed to extract the seeds or Kernels. The crashed shells are called Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), a virgin biomass with a high calorific value (NCVAR typical abt 3,800 Kcal/kg – ASTM D5865 – 02).

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) has a very low ash and sulphur contents:

  • Ash content (typical abt 3% weight – ASTM D3174-02)
  • Sulphur content (typical abt 0,09% weight – ASTM D4239 – 02)
Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) can be considered like a natural pellet and is a high grade solid renewable fuel for burning, it can be used in its natural state, both in co-firing with coal or burned at biomass power plants, it can be blended with other grades of biomass, like wood chips for example.


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