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To move to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050, the European Union has legislated to reduce its emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2020. But this is just the beginning. By 2050 the EU aims to cut its emissions to 80% below 1990 levels through domestic reductions alone.

Yet Germany has permanently shut down eight of its reactors and pledged to close the rest by 2022. Italy’s electorate voted overwhelmingly to keep their country non-nuclear while Belgium could phase out its plants as early as 2015. Both Switzerland and Spain have banned the construction of new reactors. Outside of Europe, Mexico has sidelined construction of ten reactors; Japan and Taiwan are reducing their commitment to nuclear. The sidelining of nuclear in several major economies has been a game changer. To meet the stringent carbon reduction targets being set, there is now an even greater urgency to develop renewable sources of energy and Biomass is one of those. Developing countries are also looking to reduce their dependence on imported oil and natural gas by capitalizing on their own and often abundant renewable energy resources of which Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) is a truly renewable source of Biomass energy. This is why during an economic downturn renewable energy is one sector that will grow in value and importance for the foreseeable future.


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